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Adalah: Israels Social Equality Ministry Provides Free Psychometric Prep Course in Hebrew Only IMEMC News.
Adalah stressed in the letter that offering the course only in Hebrew will cause serious harm to Arab students, will perpetuate existing education gaps, and will make it more difficult for Arab students to integrate into academia and, later, into the workforce.
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Adalah Justice Project USA Tides.
AJP began as the US Program of Adalah The Legal Center for Arab Minority Rights in Israel, and the two organizations cooperate closely to advance a shared vision of full human rights for all people living in historic Palestine, the end of the occupation, and historical justice for all Palestinians.
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Adalah is important because other attributes of God get their meaning from it. In other word Adalah has a wide meaning as putting everything in their right places, so being The Most Merciful or The Sustainer get their meaning from Adalah.
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